Frequently Asked Questions

What does unpublished mean?

It means that your work cannot have been published anywhere else. That means not on your website, no Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, DeviantArt, WordPress–– you get the picture. This, as well, means absolutely no publication in other magazines (online or print).

When will I hear back from you?

We try our very hardest to reply to everyone, but sadly we receive so many emails, it would be impossible for us to answer everyone. If your submission has been accepted, we’ll let you know usually within two weeks. If it hasn’t, we try to let you know, but if you don’t hear from us, assume it has been unsuccessful. For any questions you ask, we try to get back to you within the week.

Do you need writers?

We love submissions from witty, good-hearted people on the ground at fashion week, or who want to interview trendsetters. Read this.

Can I send photographs?

Yes, as long as they’re bursting with color (or bursting with black and white) and personality, and high quality. More info, here.

Can you please pay me for my submission? And can you cover my shoot costs?

We can’t cover any of the costs of your submission, but we will credit you and your entire team. All the copyright of the images will always remain with you. We are here to help you get further in your careers and if we can one day pay you all, we will.

Can I advertise?

Yes. Read this.

We’re looking for New York City correspondents.

Interested? Contact us here. (Please include links to stories you’ve done, references and anything else).

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