Interior Inspiration | Clean and Classy

This Monday morning, there is a whole load of interior inspiration ready for you. Now the sun momentarily behind the clouds crawled and this Monday will be spent in doors more, pictures never look wrong. Especially if they give you inspiration for your own home, right? A wall with photo frames have always liked. Minimalist […]

What It’s Really Like Living with SAD

A Note From The Editor: While it’s never easy or comfortable to bring the deep issues that many of us go through, I am no less convinced that certain issues must be discussed in order to increase awareness, foster healing and to, perhaps most importantly, remind ourselves that we are not alone. The following is an […]

What Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Taught Me About Style

For two young ladies growing up in the spotlight, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have barely made any fashion mistakes. And that’s saying a lot passing through the nineties, where good was bad and bad was horrific. Boasting two of the most sought after brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley have become […]

5 Podcasts to Listen to On Your Commute

When you’re commuting to and from work or school, you want to spend your time as productively as possible. We are big fans of listening to podcasts on the way to work. They are entertaining, interesting and inspiring, and also don’t require any data! Ready to upgrade your commute – start listening to our pick of […]

How to Always Think Positive: Thoughts on Creating Your Own Sunshine

When things in life are not going the way I want, I stop and ask myself, “what action can I take right now to have things go better?” Or I ask myself “what positive action(s) could I take to get me to living the life I want to live?” We all have goals. We all have dreams. […]

Welcome to Into The Mode!

Welcome to the bumble beginnings of Into The Mode… What is Into The Mode? Into The Mode is an online lifestyle magazine, an honest digital platform for women everywhere. Founded and edited by Irma Laliashvili. Written by, and for, women. Into The Mode will highlight the ageless individuals who are ever evolving, open to change, […]