Inspiration Monday: Jane Birkin

This winter I’ll be taking notes from Jane Birkin to get the perfect laid back Parisian style. Her niche is the ‘I’m not really trying but I still care’ look that finds the perfect balance between looking as though your trying too hard and just stepping out of bed and grabbing whatever outfit you found […]

The Perfect New Year’s Eve Dress

New Year’s Eve draws closer by the day, and even though your party plans may still be in the works, there’s one thing you know you’ll need along with the champagne when the clock hits midnight – a killer dress that won’t break the bank but will leave you looking like a million bucks. One […]

Top 3 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials You Need This Fall

Now that November is about to arrive, it is time to officially say goodbye to early fall. Although some of us are finding it hard to part with October’s last remaining days of sunshine, its time to realize that the latter months of the year really are the superior. With layering being a key feature […]

10 Stylish Fall Break Essentials Every Girl Needs in Her Closet

Every girl needs a weekend off, which is what makes fall break so exciting. The only stressful part about weekend getaways? Packing. The temperature is getting lower basically everywhere, which makes stuffing everything into your suitcase that much more frustrating. The best way to combat this is to pack quality basics that you can wear […]

Top 3 Boot Trends for Fall and Winter

Let’s talk about fall and winter boot trends 2018/2019. Not the sexy, you-can’t-walk-after-an-hour kind. But the practical, comfortable and chic kind that will take your from day to night without a shoe swap. You ready? 80s Slouchy Now that you know that the 80s resurgence a huge trend for fall, you probably also know that […]

Alexa Chung Reveals Fashion Industry Secrets

British Vogue’s style icon, presenter, designer, writer – in short; it-girl Alexa Chung from the start – the fashion industry dived, to answer the most pressing and frequently asked questions. The fashion world sometimes seems to be a very tricky, elusive and closed world where all sorts of magical things happen behind closed impressive glass […]

Add Plaid to your Fall 2018 Wardrobe

We all know fashion moves on fast from most trends. But there’s always that one trend, which stays for more than a season, and this year that’s the plaid trend.Plaid was everywhere at the fall 2017 runways, but looking at what’s coming for fall 2018, the trend will once again be everywhere: blazers, coats, skirts, […]

Fashion Industry Advice that Matters

Get out your notebook, fashion kids: here are some words of wisdom from the most inspirational fashion industry insiders, such as, Bobbi Brown, Robbie Myers, Sally Singer & more. The Coveteur asked these 11 influential and successful women for their words of advice. Think of these pearls of wisdom as your virtual fashion industry guidance […]