Alexa Chung Reveals Fashion Industry Secrets

British Vogue’s style icon, presenter, designer, writer – in short; it-girl Alexa Chung from the start – the fashion industry dived, to answer the most pressing and frequently asked questions. The fashion world sometimes seems to be a very tricky, elusive and closed world where all sorts of magical things happen behind closed impressive glass doors. The impressive and famous doors that lead to heaven by the fashion industry; Vogue. Closer than leaves in the most widely read magazine come you and I probably will not (dream big!) And, therefore, Alexa gives us a glimpse into the most holy place in the field of fashion. She also gives an insight into the wide variety of jobs in the fashion world. There are many jobs that are simply unknown, or whose name does ring a bell, but the mandate is a totally gray area. So I had no idea of ​​the work of a creative director, and I find it incredibly inspiring to hear the stories of successful people in the fashion world – with all the ups and downs there.


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