Add Plaid to your Fall 2018 Wardrobe

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We all know fashion moves on fast from most trends. But there’s always that one trend, which stays for more than a season, and this year that’s the plaid trend.Plaid was everywhere at the fall 2017 runways, but looking at what’s coming for fall 2018, the trend will once again be everywhere: blazers, coats, skirts, accessories, you name it plaid will be on it.

To keep the look updated, mix and match your plaid with purple, over-sized earrings, and white boots. For those feeling extra frivolous, a head-to-toe plaid is always the way.  Just be sure the plaid squares don’t match exactly, for a slightly undone vibe.

Matching a blazer with your trousers is another easy way to create a cohesive look.  You can always contrast plaid with a bold bag as well, because a good arm candy never, ever hurt anyone. Or, if none of these ideas suit you take inspiration from the street style set, who are embracing the plaid trend full force.

How do you feel about the plaid trend? Are you into it? Would you wear it?

Photos source: all images via Pinterest

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