Style Profile | Leandra Medine

One of my resolutions for this year was to wear more color and to play more with fashion. Because it’s not all that serious, and dressing yourself every day can be a party. Fashion is an unwise fun way to express yourself, it is an art form that you can show what you are for your mood, or just express your feelings through style.


For a long time, fashion has been seen as something that can be taken less serious in life. It felt to me like I was – by myself to dress feminine and pay attention to my appearance – stuffed away my intelligence. For a fashion girl obviously can’t be smart, right?
Now this was purely my own insecurity, because I know very well that I feel better when I spend some extra attention to my look in the morning. And so I dare increasingly giving in to my inner fashionista. But because I occasionally still struggle with daring wearing prints and color, I take an example from Leandra Medine, the founder of The Man Repeller.
Incredibly inspiring I find these colorful appearances. She does not mince words, and playing with fashion without even bothering to the opinions of others. And certainly not from men. For whom will our love for boyfriend jeans or overalls would never understand.

What I admire about Leandra is that her outfits are always striking and innovative, but that there is always a thread is in which you recognize her style. She is not afraid to play with trends, prints and silhouettes, and sticks her tongue out at all the fashion rules ever written. It seems like her character in every look she wears shine through, and that to me is why this brunette never got it wrong. She rocks every outfit with such certainty and character, you believe her.
Even if they mom jeans combines with a wide blouse, a denim jacket and a fur coat in a bright color.
Feature image and all other images via pinterest

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