For two young ladies growing up in the spotlight, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have barely made any fashion mistakes. And that’s saying a lot passing through the nineties, where good was bad and bad was horrific. Boasting two of the most sought after brands, Elizabeth and James and The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley have become better known as fashion power houses rather than actresses. As a result, the Olsens have been the leading topic in Celebrity Style Inspiration for years.

Here’s what the twins have taught me about style, so far.

  • You do not have to be tall to wear over-sized clothing
  • Chicness exists in an all black outfit and no, you will not look like Helena Bonham Carter (unless that’s your goal. In which case, yes. Yes, you will)
  • Navy and black can be worn together. I repeat. Navy and black CAN be worn together
  • Less is not more
  • Double denim is a do and a tongue twister
  • Raiding your grandma’s closet is probably a good idea (think kitten heels, loose layers & statement gold accessories) Grannycore is a thing
  • Use a bag big enough to carry a laptop, an umbrella and a spare jacket
  • Invest in a camel overcoat. Actually, invest in a few. (Like this, this or this)
  • Structured bags in unanticipated colors are a must have
  • Large sunglasses can be worn day or night if you’re cool enough
  • Mix vintage with newer pieces for an interestingly unique ensemble
  • You can never go wrong with jeans and a tailored blazer
  • Leather mules are snazzy. Patent leather is a plus

Ah, I think that covers it for now.

Image via: OlsenDail


Published by Irma Laliashvili

Irma Laliashvili is the founding editor-in-chief and creative director of Into The Mode, digital women’s lifestyle magazine. She is responsible for the overall editorial direction of the site. Though her first love is music, you’ll often find her going on about fashion, wellness, the arts, travel, world news and all things NYC.

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